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Fantastic Fridge teaching resources

Fantastic Fridges from the Institute of Refrigeration

This interactive, game based website for schools was developed in 2015 is designed to introduce young people to the practical science behind refrigeration technologies and help them to understand the contribution that refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumping makes to modern life – including a variety of growing career opportunities. The “Young Learners” pages  support Key Stage 2  and 3 in Science, Technology and Engineering Subjects.  A detailed explanation of How Your Fridge Works is particularly valuable for science and technology education.

Additional sections currently under development will focus on Cooling Science and Advance Topics for more specialised learners.  


Cool Science

This website offers quizes, explanations of science, videos and information and forthcoming careers fairs where you can see refrigeration in action with interactive displays, meet engineers and get more careers resources.


The Guardian Education Lesson Plans

The science behind cool refrigeration includes resources

Chilled Education

"Chilled Education" by the Chilled Food Association -  - is an education resource to address the long term training and education needs of the chilled food industry. 'Chilled Education' aims to increase understanding about the range of career opportunities in the chilled food industry and motivate potential new entrants of all ages to get involved. 

Three lesson plans for each of four key stages (1-4) have been produced by teachers and food science professionals within CFA. The lesson plans cover all key aspects of the chilled food industry from new product development to labelling to hygiene. includes lesson plans, careers information and details of food science & technology related degree courses in the UK. These lesson plans have been developed by CFA food science professionals in partnership with education consultancy, InspireEducation and are designed to be delivered by CFA members and STEM Ambassadors working in the industry. (STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from industry who work with young people to inspire interest in their subject and its application to the 'real world'.) includes lesson plans for primary and secondary teachers. These lesson plans have been developed by CFA in partnership with the D&T Association, the professional association representing those involved in design and technology education and associated subject areas.