How to submit your paper

Important information for authors  - what to do next

  • Log in to Conftool to see the status of your abstract.  (This information will be available by 3pm GMT on the 5th November)
  • If any information has changed since you submitted the original abstract please update these details held in the full paper conference track. This is the entry with the four-digit reference number. We recommend that authors check the title, authors and abstract. The details held in this section will be used to produce the conference proceedings.  You can update the title and abstract when uploading your manuscript. If you need to amend the authors please contact the conference organisers
  • Check the formatting of the paper is correct and match the details laid out in the guidelines on how to prepare and format your paper
  • When naming your files to upload. Use the paper ID number assigned to it Conftool. This will be a number somewhere between 1100 and 1280 
  • Once the paper is complete and the details have been checked you are ready to upload the final version of the paper
  • Upload your paper by the 5th January 2022 using Conftool
  • When you are uploading your paper please select the presenting author and upload a short speaker biography that can be used to introduce the presenter. This should be no longer that 2 - 3 sentences. 
  • Agree to the copyright agreement.  


Templates and  guidelines 

Be aware that:

  • Authors must personally present their papers at the online conference. If an author does not attend the conference to present the paper it will be removed from the proceedings and will not be published. All presenting authors must be registered and must have paid their registration fees by 15th February 2022
  • All authors shall comply with the timetable for final manuscript submission and booking.
  • Submitted abstracts and papers undergo a review by peer-reviewers. Acceptance is based on scientific merit and originality. All authors shall take into account reviewers’ recommendations.
  • The allocation of papers to streams and themes is at the discretion of the conference organisers.

  • Authors will be required to sign over the copyright of their paper to the International Institute of Refrigeration, via a copyright transfer policy, in order to complete the submission of their paper.
  • Authors are responsible for proofreading their abstract/paper before submitting, particularly with regard to general orthography, as well as author names/order and affiliations.

Conference Proceedings

Papers presented at the conference will be included in the conference proceedings. These proceedings shall become part of the IIR’s Refrigeration Science and Technology series. The IIR shall own the copyright of the proceedings. Authors may publish updated versions of their papers in the International Journal of Refrigeration after the conference has taken place. The papers will be referenced in the international databases SCOPUS or Web of Science. If the paper is not presented at the conference it will be withdrawn from the proceedings and will not be published.