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Safety Guidance

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A1 Refrigerant (HFC) Code of PracticeCodes of PracticeIOR48.00FREEAdd to Basket
A2 & A3 Refrigerants (flammable including hydrocarbons and HFOs) Code of PracticeCodes of PracticeIOR48.00FREEAdd to Basket
Ammonia Refrigeration Systems Code of PracticeCodes of PracticeIOR48.00FREEAdd to Basket
*Ammonia Systems - Safe ManagementSafety GuidanceFSDF0.00FREE
*Ammonia Systems safety - oil draining (GPG17)Service EngineersIOR0.00FREE
Asbestos risk management (F8)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Brazing Safety (SM7)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
*BS EN378:2016 Summary of Changes (IOR GN29)Guidance NotesIOR0.00FREE
Carbon Dioxide (R744/CO2) as as Refrigerant Code of PracticeCodes of PracticeIOR48.00FREEAdd to Basket
Carriage of Cylinders - FAQs (GPG 27)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Charging procedures (GPG10)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Commercial System Safety and Environmental ConsiderationsBRA/IOR Guide to Good Commercial Refrigeration PracticeIOR/BRA24.00FREEAdd to Basket
Common accidents (GPG44)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Conformity with Safety and Product Standards (GN24)Guidance NotesIOR0.00FREE 
*Cylinder colours and changes (SES)Service EngineersIOR0.00FREE
Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) (Guidance note 19)Guidance NotesIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
*DSEAR Self Assessment formsService EngineersIOR0.00FREE
Electrocution Avoidance (GPG16)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Erection and dismantling of structures (GPG15)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Filling recovery cylinders (GPG45)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Fire Safety Basics (SM10)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
*Handling low flammable refrigerants (TB39)ACHPIIOR0.00FREE
IOR Safety Codes of Practice on CDCodes of PracticeIOR168.00£84.00Add to Basket
Legionella and recooling towers (DS10)Service EngineersSES6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Legionella prevention (ACHPI30)ACHPIIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Legionella Risk Assessment changes (ACHPI45)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Legislation and Standards in RAC (DS15)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Pressure Systems guidance on practical issues (Guidance note 21)Guidance NotesIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (Guidance note 9)Guidance NotesIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Pressure Testing Safety guide (GPG14)Service EngineersIOR 6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Pressure Testing strength and leak tightness in New Systems (GPG33)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Pressurising installed systems with nitrogen to find leaks (GPG24)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Risks associated with working in plant rooms ACHPI27ACHPIIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Safe Use of Manifolds (GPG29)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Safe working practices in low temperatures (GPG6)Service Engineers6.00FREEAdd to Basket
*Safety Alert on Valve Failure (GN22)Guidance Notes0.00FREE
Servicing Ammonia Equipment (Guidance note 17)Guidance NotesIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
Site Safety - Risk Assessments and COSHH (F7)Service Engineers IOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
*The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997- Evaporative Condensers & Cooling TowersGuidance NotesIOR0.00FREE
*Valve failure on ammonia systems safety alert (GN22 update)Guidance NotesIOR0.00FREE
Working at height (F11)Service EngineersACHPI12.00FREEAdd to Basket
Working at height on commercial cabinets (GPG22)Service EngineersIOR6.00FREEAdd to Basket
*Working on cold store ceilings safety advice (DS21)Service EngineersIOR0.00FREE

Many of the publications are PDF files. To view PDF files you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click the image to download the latest version for free.