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IOR System Efficiency Index

The IOR System Efficiency Index and Rating tool has been developed for the Institute of Refrigeration with support of the Carbon Trust to provide a tool for the comparison of relative efficiency of whole systems.  The purpose is to help you to reduce carbon emissions generated by electricity use of refrigeration systems.

Who is the Index for? - The Index can be used by designers and purchasers of systems to compare efficiency of different design approaches.  It can also be used to compare theoretical design efficiency with the practical efficiency of the installed system.

How to use the index - Instructions are included in the calculation tool however we would also refer users to the IOR Code of Practice for Efficiency System Design also to be launched in December, which outlines the principles of designing for good efficiency and could help you to improve your system's Index rating.

Conditions of Use - The IOR Index rating does not constitute an endorsement of a particular commercial design, approach or piece of equipment. The calculation tool and code of practice can be freely downloaded and used by all persons interested in improving RAC system efficiency. The tool by be subject to updates and further development and we therefore require that all users register before downloading.

Evaluation - The IOR and Carbon Trust will contact users of the tool to advise of its usefulness and estimate its effectives in helping to improve efficiency and save carbon in the sector. Use the contact form on this site to give us your views of how this tool has helped to improve efficiency and save carbon in the mean time.

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