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Skills Gaps Report

IOR Research on skills in the RACHP Sector - interim report published July 2017


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The IOR is taking the lead in addressing training needs of the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump sector. Last year a project was set up to focus in on three key areas:

  1. Current and future skills gaps
  2. Industry-led learning methods
  3. Continuing professional development

The first stage of the research involved gathering industry evaluation against a set of 45 individual knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) within engineering. A study so far has surveyed 298 IOR members and non-members within the RACHP industry. Respondents rated the importance of each skill to their respective subsector and then rated the performance of a recent graduate or apprentice recruit.


Report Key Highlights

  • Core engineering skills deemed ‘extremely’ important by industry respondents are currently not being met,
  • Emphasis on the need for professional attitudes, core engineering skills, and keeping up with technology advancements,
  • The need for individuals who understood the theoretical and practical implications of the projects they were managing and for technicians to show basic business understanding,
  • SMEs, of which make up the bulk of the RACHP industry, struggle to facilitate or promote training,
  • Urgent need for CPD for those who have entered the workforce in the past 5 years,
  • CPD activities should be a collaborative,
  • The current preferred platform for CPD activities were traditional methods,
  • A belief that bridging the issues will be slow,

  • RACHP hard-to-fill jobs included: managerial, design, sales and technical.

 Read the full report here.

Skills Report

 To take a deeper look into the report, access the appendices here.

Skills Report Data


 The study is still open and can be accessed on the link below, the study is open to all fields of the greater engineering sectors:


To get more involved in the next steps of the project please contact Gordon Duncan, Youth Engagement Officer at the IOR, at