Carbon Dioxide Hazard Assessment and Safety System Requirement

Thursday 7th April 2022 16:00 to 17:00


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The safety of carbon dioxide refrigeration systems is a priority for owners, users and installers. Whilst legislation requires that refrigeration systems are to be designed to operate safely in all circumstances, the hazards associated with carbon dioxide often only become apparent during an incident. EN378 is the design standard for refrigeration safety systems and includes particular requirements for carbon dioxide, which is buried within its text. EN378 details the circumstances for when gas detection, ventilation and automatic shut off valves are to be installed and their particular design requirements. However, these safety systems are currently not been installed by many in the industry.


When carrying out a carbon dioxide hazard assessment, the outcome of the assessment is only as good as the knowledge of the assessor and their ability to identify the risks. A standard hazard assessment approach has been developed for assessing carbon dioxide refrigeration systems to ensure that all aspects of legislation and good practice are reviewed and recorded. Where non-compliances are identified, an action list is provided to guide the owner and users to implement changes to their refrigeration system, safety systems and working practices.



Dermot Cotter - Managing Director of Star Technical Solutions