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Listed below are free access Case Studies to provide examples of successful adoption of net zero approaches.

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IOR Technology Briefs provide non technical overviews of technologies key to achieving net zero.



Papers from the IOR Annual Conference 2022 - Next steps for low carbon RACHP


Heat Pump Technology Brief 2022

Download the IOR Heat Pump Technology Brief

There are a number of key technologies that need to be better understood by users of cooling and heating equipment, in order to support their path to net zero. The technology of heat pumps is outlined here, with an explanation of the different types of heat pump available, how they can help you to reduce your emissions and some frequently asked questions.  This provides a general introduction to the technology – for a comprehensive guidance on whether this technology is the right one for your site, you should contact manufacturer, supplier, installer or consulting engineer.  


IOR Papers Published November 2021

Road Vehicles - Temperature Controlled Distribution Tom Southall, CCF

Supermarket Retail Refrigeration journey to net zero Philipp Holzer MInstR

Heat Pumps Neil Newitt MInstR, University of Ulster

Industrial Refrigeration  Rob Lamb FInstR, Star Refrigeration

Air Conditioning Graeme Fox FInstR 


IOR Papers Published April 2021

The Climate Change Agreement for Cold Stores: An Industry Working Together to Improve Energy Efficiency. Tom Southall, Cold Chain Federation

Towards a Net Zero Food Cold Chain. Judith Evans, London South Bank University and Toby Peters, University of Birmingham

Predictive Maintenance based on Performance Analysis using System Efficiency Index and Sub-Efficiencies is the future. Klas Berglöf, ClimaCheck

Energy Saving at Coldstore Doorways by Means of Specialist Air Curtains. Martin Craxton, Craxton Solutions

Efficient Cooling at the Heart of Low-Carbon Electrified Heat. John Hayes and K Stickney,  Erda Energy

Meeting Industry’s Increasing Sustainability Demands by Using Water as a Refrigerant. Garry Broadbent, Pure Thermal, Peter Kaden, Efficient Energy

How to Reduce the Cooling Demand in Office Buildings and Match the Machinery to Heat Pump Design Demand. Gert Nielsen, Xrgy As

River Source Heat Pumps for Residential and Commercial Heat Networks – a Case Study. Andy Pearson, Star Refrigeration

Booster Heat Pumps for Space Heating, Hot Water Heating and Process Heating from Geothermal Energy. Neil Hewitt, Mingjun Huang, Nik Shah, Ulster University

New R744 102m3/h transcritical compressor: Improving CO2 presence into large cooling and heating systems. M. Bonfanti, M. Dallai, F. Faralli, Officine Mario Dorin SpA

A Heat Recovery System for a Passive Ventilation Wind Tower. Daniel Marshall Cross, Free Running Buildings

UNIDO Energy Efficiency Case Studies 

Download a range of case studies from global projects