WIRACHP Monthly Blog

Welcome to the new Women in RACHP Monthly Blog.  

April 2024 - Leveraging Work Placements: A Win-Win for Businesses and Young Minds

Last month, the Institute opened its doors to a young individual embarking on their secondary school work placement. At the IOR, we have a steadfast commitment to nurturing awareness of our industry among the younger generation

March 2024 - My week of work experience

Hey everyone! Join me as I take you on a journey through my week of work experience and what it is like to work for the IOR. Throughout this immersive experience, I discovered firsthand the importance of increasing the visibility of women in engineering. So, let's dive in and explore the insights I gained!

March 2024 - St Patrick's Day

And we are all green for it is the month of March where we find St Patricks Day. Celebrated globally…. And we are there thinking about opportunities to be green globally. And for our industry that could mean attending the following on line event...

February 2024 - Well Hello February

Well Hello, February – what can I say – you took your time. It's the Month of St Valentines. Are we in the mood for love? How am I going to link this to something related to our industry or your role in it – well here goes!

January 2024 - New Year – New Blog

New Year – New You – no thank you, I am absolutely fine as is. But a fresh start? Well yes why not.