Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat pumps

SIRACH is a network to promote sustainable innovation in refrigeration air conditioning and heat pumps. Members work together to promote technical innovation for long term profitability together with a cleaner environment. The challenge is to increase innovation funding to enable our sector to compete globally in the 21st century and to provide low carbon,  efficient cooling and heating.  To achieve these large scale carbon reductions the industry must innovate and SIRACH aims to maximise the impact of opportunities to innovate by bringing together companies, research organisations and universities.  


 How does SIRACH work?

As a networking organisation supported by the Institute of Refrigeration SIRACH brings together the combined expertise of RACHP researchers with industry innovators through a programme of research centre tours, technical, newsletters and reports.

  • To find out more join one of the free meetings a leading universities and business research centres
  • If you are an innovator - offer to present on your project or work
  • If you operate a research department - offer to host a SIRACH meeting at your centre.
  • See the programme of events and register your interest at

SIRACH is part of i-stute - an interdisciplinary centre for Storage, Transformation and Upgrading of Thermal Energy. It develops technologies that aim to reduce energy consumption and deliver cost-effective heating and cooling which will help the UK achieve its target of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 80% by


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