Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat pumps

SIRACH is a network to promote sustainable innovation in refrigeration air conditioning and heat pumps. Members work together to promote technical innovation for long term profitability together with a cleaner environment. The challenge is to increase innovation funding to enable our sector to compete globally in the 21st century and to provide low carbon,  efficient cooling and heating.  To achieve these large scale carbon reductions the industry must innovate and SIRACH aims to maximise the impact of opportunities to innovate by bringing together companies, research organisations and universities.  


How does SIRACH work?

As a networking organisation supported by the Institute of Refrigeration, SIRACH brings together the combined expertise of RACHP researchers with industry innovators through a programme of research centre tours, technical talks, newsletters and reports.


SIRACH Meetings

These meetings are free and open to all but places must be pre-booked. Below is the list of upcoming events.    Find the latest events in the IOR programme here

The format for events is generally:

  • Introduction to the topic from SIRACH partners
  • Short overviews of new research in this area by PhD Students
  • Interactive networking and issue working groups
  • Guided site tours


SIRACH is part of LoT-NET

Find out about the LoT-NET Here 

LoT-NET investigates how waste heat streams from industrial or other sources feeding into low temperature heat networks can combine with renewable energy, thermal storage and optimal heat pump technologies to meet the heating and cooling needs of buildings and industrial processes. 

LoT-NET will support the development of low-cost, low-loss, flexible heat distribution networks that integrate intermittent renewable energy supplies, waste heat outputs, low-carbon heat emitters, multi-scale thermal storage and smart thermal energy transformers to provide affordable, secure and sustainable energy to consumers and businesses, whilst ensuring compatibility with future electricity networks. LoT-NET will work with several industrial partners in order to investigate how these technologies can be integrated into smart thermal energy systems that can provide both heating and cooling with maximum efficiency. 

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