Working Together - NetZero Umbrella Group

This section lists just some of the organisations who are working to help the RACHP sector and users of cooling equipment  to achieve net zero.  If you represent an organisation who is providing non-commercial, independent and free to access guidance contact us and we will add your campaign details to this page.


The Beyond Refrigeration initiative will be drawing from the useful guidance, training and tools available to provide reliable and practical guidance to help you to achieve your environmental goals as we move towards  Net Zero and working more closely with these groups to share resources.



Cold Chain Federation

We are working to bring our industry together, to define what we mean by a net zero cold chain and to ask ourselves where the gaps are in our knowledge and where the potential is for collaboration. 


Food Service Association

The FEA three point plan introduces a set of three initiatives which are mutually supportive but which can also be introduced individually. They are designed to address the need to reduce energy and carbon in commercial kitchens whilst ensuring full alignment with the UK Government’s short, medium and long term goals.



CIBSE Climate Action Plan, mapping its current and planned activities in the areas where it has a duty and the ability to act as professional institution. This includes guidance on Steps to Net Zero Carbon Buildings 


International Groups


EPEE (European Partnership for Energy and Efficiency)

A five step approach to providing sustainable cooling to minimise cooling demand, be highly efficient and be well integrated with the power generation system. 


The Cool Coalition

UNEP and Kigali. The Cool Coalition is a global multi-stakeholder network that connects a wide range of key actors from government, cities, international organizations, businesses, finance, academia, and civil society groups to facilitate knowledge exchange, advocacy and joint action towards a rapid global
transition to efficient and climate-friendly cooling.