Board of Trustees of the Institute of Refrigeration


Kevin Glass FInstR


Mike Creamer FInstR

Immediate Past President

Steve Gill FInstR

Elected Member Representatives

John Austin-Davies FInstR (Chairman of the Trailblazer Group)

Rob Lamb FInstR (Chairman of Membership Committee)

Jacinta Caden MInstR

Graeme Fox FInstR

Lisa-Jayne Cook MInstR

Juliet Loiselle MInstR

Hon Treasurer

Nick Rivers MInstR


Role and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees 

The IOR Board includes the President, immediate Past President, President-Elect, six elected Members and a Treasurer.  

The Board of Trustees is responsible to the membership, company law and to the Charity Commission for its effective governance.  The Board meets three times a year for a half day at a meeting chaired by the President.  There are up to ten members of the Board – six are elected by the membership with two retiring in rotation each year and two new members coming - the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President and Treasurer making up the remaining four places.  Elected members normally serve for three years. Board members take an active role in the work of the IOR by joining a committee, taking part in steering groups and representing the IOR at key industry meetings.


How our Trustees are elected 

The IOR calls for nominations each year for the two Board vacancies. If the number of nominations put forward exceeds the number of vacancies a web-based election takes place, usually in October.  Fellow, Member, Associate and Technician grade members are provided with details of the candidates and can vote on line.  The results of the election are announced at the AGM in the autumn and the two new Trustees take up their posts immediately. If insufficient nominations are received to hold an election, those nominated are automatically accepted onto the Board.  

Member, Associate, Fellow or Technician grade members are eligible to stand for election to the Board. Nominations must be supported by two existing members (Member, Associate, Fellow or Technician) and accompanied by a signed statement and photo. The Nominations are made electronically and Election and voting procedures are carried out on line by an independent voting service with the results announced at the AGM in the autumn each year.

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