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The IOR network supports and encourages Young Engineers working in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump companies.

IOR YEN is designed to enable our future leaders to come together for networking, talks, industry tours and debates.  The YEN members will also be able to influence the IOR to ensure it is offering the right career development opportunities for them. This network will be run by future leaders, for future leaders and the for the future of our refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump and building services related industries.

The network is open to anyone working in any RACHP related role, it is designed for those under the age of 35 who want to widen their range of contacts in the industry, and help each other to make the mos of the career development opportunities available from the IOR. You do not have to be an IOR member to take part. 

How you can get involved

Join up to be kept informed of articles, meetings, events and take part in influencing the kind of events and activities the Network is involved in:


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Future Events Survey

1 YEN site visitWe are talking to companies keen to host the next YEN event with venues that are interesting for YEN members - where you will learn something new about a manufacturing process and get some hands on experience - as well as making new contacts. A selection of possibilities are currently being discussed including manufacturing sites, distribution centres and University research labs.

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Membership Pathways Trial

Mobile slide2Associate Members of the IOR are being invited to help test out a new Membership Pathways initiative that will support your progression towards full Member grading. This will involve preparing a development plan with the help of a member of the IOR Membership Committee familiar with our grading requirements.  This will give Associates a structured plan to increase their experience, responsibilities or qualifications over a period of time, and advance towards full member grade. If you are an Associate member interested in taking part please contact us to find out more.


Network Launch - Speed networking at the IOR Annual Dinner 21st March 2019

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Around 30 IOR members met up for drinks at The Grange Hotel.  IOR President Kevin Glass (pictured far right) invited everyone to find someone new to introduce themselves to. By the end of the session everyone had made at least 6 new contacts in the industry!  Guests included a refrigeration specialist from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA , the winner of a lifetime achievement award who specialises in environmental test chambers and past IOR student of the year finalists.