Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps in the IOR

Are you an air conditioning or heat pump installer or technician? Gain recognition with IOR membership and join our network of over 2,000 members from across the cooling and heat pump sector. 

  • The IOR isn’t just for refrigeration professionals.
    It’s for everyone in the cooling and heat pump sector including air conditioning, with many specialists in these fields already signed up to the IOR.
  • Air conditioning and heat pump technicians and installers are already benefiting from IOR membership.
    Hundreds of technical guides and events specific to these fields are available to help develop your knowledge and further your career. These are available for free as part of your membership.
  • Thirsty for air conditioning and heat pump knowledge?
    We have lots of training resources on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump developments, technology and applications to quench your thirst. Keep your skills and knowledge up to date and boost your professional development with IOR membership.
  • Looking for your next career step in the cooling and heat pump sector?
    Come to an IOR event near you, meet other technical professionals in your field and make connections that could lead you closer to that opportunity you’ve been looking for.



Why join the IOR

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