Challenges and learning from the remote monitoring and analysis of systems

5 Apr 2018 15:30 to 17:15

Presenter: John Clark MInstR

This was as a joint event with The Birmingham Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (BSRA)



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Webinar Recording 

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  • Learn about the benefits of remote monitoring for system control, efficiency, effective maintenance and improved purchasing decision-making.
  • Tips on maximising benefits by appropriate data management techniques including use of software, analysis time-span and robustness of system design.
  • Illustrated with a range of examples drawn from field experience

Energy usage is the greatest contributor to the total life cycle cost of a refrigeration system, however energy efficiency optimisation is often overlooked. This can be due to the service provider treating it as a low priority or not knowing what action to take to improve on performance. A solution to this problem is to have the equipment continuously monitored remotely by specialist software which alerts the operator to poor performance. This provides an in-depth understanding of equipment behaviour and enables targeted maintenance activities to achieve the best energy efficiency. It also provides an easy, reliable and consistent way to validate the cost-effectiveness of the activities carried out. The barrier to entry for these systems in terms of cost, connectivity and availability of hardware is lower than ever.

This paper  explores the challenges faced in delivering this type of service, the benefits of carrying out off site analysis and will expound a number of case studies where this service has already been delivered.