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RACHP Engineering Technician specification (GNET3) revised Nov 2020


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RACHP Engineering Technician specification (GNET3) revised Nov 2020

Introduction and purpose of this Guidance Note

This Guidance Note is published by the Institute of Refrigeration Education Policy Group.  The purpose is to provide guidance for the sector on the skills, knowledge and behaviour standards required of individuals working in technician roles in the field.  It could be used in various ways for example: drafting skills specifications for recruitment purposes, benchmarking employee training and development programmes, as a checklist for continued professional development of technicians, as a specification to develop qualifications.

The specification was developed by a group of employers representing a wide range of types and size of businesses and was subject to wide consultation within the sector between 2017-2018. The format follows the requirements of the recognised UK Government Apprenticeship Standard for RACHP Engineering Technicians at Level 3.   It is designed to be generic in nature so that it can be adapted for the needs of different businesses and employers, with a primary emphasis on the fundamentals of understanding of the vapour compression system as used in any application and using any type of refrigerant.

The specification is currently under review.