100 4 100 chicksThe 100 for 100 campaign launched by the IOR’s Women in RACHP (refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps) network has been welcomed as a success by the IOR Trustees,  generating a 100% increase in the IOR’s female membership.  The campaign, which aimed to increase the number of IOR female members to 100 by the 100th Anniversary of the Women in Engineering Society in June 2019, has been a great accomplishment for diversity and has raised awareness in the sector that IOR membership is available to all.

The campaign came tantalisingly close to achieving its 100 new member target – as of June the IOR now has 85 female members and the number continues to grow, with an expectation that it will reach the 100 mark by the end of the year.  Meanwhile, the Women in RACHP network has got a full schedule of career development events in the pipeline thus offering further opportunities to promote diversity within the sector. 

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