TechTalk Webinar - GreenSCIES - Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems Project

2 Apr 2020 16:00 to 17:00

Energy Centre


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GreenSCIES aims to deliver low carbon, affordable energy through a novel smart energy system that connects flexible electricity demands such as heat pumps and electric vehicles to intermittent renewable energy sources such as solar power. 

The project will investigate the feasibility of a 5th generation district heating and cooling network in Islington Council. Heating and cooling will be provided by heat pumps in buildings connected to a local network, which integrates thermal energy storage and waste heat recovered from a variety of available sources such as the London underground, electric substations, cable tunnels, sewers and datacentres. 

The smart network will facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and vehicle to grid supply to make the most of intermittent renewable energy and ensure end-users always get the best tariff. Artificial intelligence will underpin the system optimisation and demand side response. Low carbon heating and cooling can be achieved by sharing heat between buildings and by shifting the timing of their demand to off-peak cheaper electricity; this requires a sophisticated control system and thermal energy storage.

The feasibility study also investigates the business models and legal frameworks associated with the development and implementation of a complex smart system. It will work with key stakeholders in understanding views of end-users and others in the supply chain. 

The ultimate goal is to provide optimal and integrated solutions for highly efficient low cost energy systems for the local community. The concept and design study will confirm the system suitability to be replicated throughout the country and has the potential to become a world-leading example.



3.30pm - 4.00pm Networking 

4.00pm - 5.00pm Presentation followed by Q&A


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