Example Experience Statement

Responsibilities and previous roles

Manufacturer: Technical Sales Manager, 3 yrs (date x to date y)


  • My primary role was account management of various commercial end users, these included supermarket A, B and C. During my time in the role these accounts equated to 8 million (circa 80%) of the company’s annual turnover. I was the main point of contact for all my accounts and responsible for technical support on all products as well as proposing new technologies to the client. Support given ranged from over the telephone to site meetings with end users, installing contractors and service engineers as required.
  • Design and component selection for various refrigeration systems including condensing units, packs, packaged plant, transcritical CO2 booster systems, cascade CO2 systems, pumped CO2 systems, chillers and heat pumps.
  • Technical proposals and presentations. During my time in the role I presented at numerous weekend seminars to end users, contractors and consultants. Topics ranged from F-Gas Legislation and Natural Refrigerant Solutions to energy efficiency and capital expenditure/pay back models.
  • Progression of company  products into new markets such as industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Complete and return various tender applications. This included all plant/equipment selections as well as pricing and determining discount structures.
  • Involved in the setting of the company’s yearly budget and strategical planning for the future.


Rivacold UK: Technical Sales Executive, 3 years . X date to present


  • Advancement of their … range into the UK market. As well as working heavily with … and evaporators I specialise in remote and packaged plant options for the business. I am currently mainly involved with ……….. technology and playing a large role advancing this into the UK market.
  • Design and component selection for various refrigeration systems including HFC packs, transcritical booster systems, monoblock systems (HFC and Hydrocarbon Options), evaporators, condensers, gas coolers and cold room sizing.
  • Technical support of all products, specifically … systems.
  • Involved in the setting of the company’s yearly budget and strategical planning for the future.
  • Complete and return various tender applications. This included all plant/equipment selections as well as pricing and determining discount structures.
  • Technical proposals and presentations to end users, consultants, contractors and colleges.
  • Internal training of colleges on various controls, system design and selection software.


Applying technical knowledge

1 - Technical Support of ………… Products in The UK Market

This mainly involves problem solving with existing refrigeration systems and commissioning support on new more complex installations.

While I offer technical support on the full range of products the majority is required for our …….. refrigeration systems. These are complete refrigeration units consisting of compressor, condenser, evaporator & expansion valve/capillary all packaged into a complete compact system. They are mainly used for freezer and chiller cold rooms within the commercial refrigeration sector although they have been used for other applications such as pharmaceutical cooling in the past. We offer the ……….on a variety of refrigerants, R452A being the most popular HFC option and R290 the natural solution. As ……. tend to use …….. compressors the type of refrigerant available can be limited, certain commonly used options such as R407F, R449A have too high a discharge temperature and the compressor manufacturers will not warrant its use. All systems come critically charged, the hydrocarbon units must not exceed more than 150g per circuit to stay within charge regulations for internal applications. Depending on the end user we offer a variety of control solutions for our monoblock systems, the most popular being ……….. are also commonly used. Most technical support can be successfully carried out over the telephone and relies on an in depth understanding of these controls and the complete refrigeration cycle. 

As well as technical support over the telephone I am also a registered CSCS Commissioning Manger (Black Skills Card). I mainly provide commissioning support to various contactors who are installing ………... This is a service the client and their installing contractors needed to ensure the final settings and …….. were working as planned. I am also F-Gas certified although on a daily basis I do not install/charge systems etc.


2 - UK Introduction of ……………… Technology

Within my current role I am working heavily on the introduction of ………. technology. This project has ended up extending across Europe as well as in the UK market. My role has been working closely with Design Engineers both in the UK and …. on a range of …………… units utilising this technology. This has included a technical input as well as ensuring the commercial needs are met for potential clients. A full launch is planned at the upcoming 2018 CHILLVENTA show which I will be attending and helping with closely. Benefits of these systems include: natural refrigerant technology (GWP = 1), high efficiency with encouraging COPs/TEWI figures from systems in the field, reduced footprint, easy installation and service. There have been some challenges with this technology specifically around ………... Through a lot of vigorous testing we have a patented solution to … ……... This which has enabled us to install numerous systems into Europe. I am currently also in talks with a major UK end user regarding ………..


3 - ……..Design, Build and Introduction to UK Market

While at …….. I was heavily involved in the conceptualisation and realisation of the innovative …. system. A nominal water chiller and heater. It was critically charged and came with optional ancillaries. The system itself was extremely simple and created 2 useful outputs (heating and cooling) from 1 power input. The central control panel was situated within a valve station….For long pipe runs and high pressure drops booster pumps could also be incorporated into the system. The benefits was its versatility, indoor and outdoor location options, small footprint, low noise, natural refrigerant, simplicity of design and ease of service. There were also some positive energy benefits due to the ‘heat recovery’ and ‘heat pump’ operations available within the valve station.

The initial success of these units was good with over 5 systems being installed into ……………………. Layout was always difficult for the client though as they had lots of different store formats meaning valve stations became particularly complicated. The initial capital cost of the unit was low though and the product itself was a success for …………. ….


Professional development

While I am a regular attendee at the IOR dinners I have not yet had the opportunity to become overly involved with the institute of refrigeration or any of its initiatives. I feel this is a shame as I would be willing to do more and believe I could offer a lot to any team I was involved with. There are not enough young people involved in the Industry and within my job role.

To ensure I keep up with technical developments I regularly attend events such as RAC Retail Question Time, RAC F-Gas Question Time, IOR Papers, in house training courses, industry seminars, dinners & events.