sesbulletinThree new good practice bulletins designed for our service engineer and technician members have been produced this year:

  • Calculating the correct sizing of air conditioning equipment is important for both cost and efficiency/energy use reasons. There are no hard and fast rules so 'rules of thumb' are widely used. This guidance note will talk you through the basic process of making a more accurate calculation. (GPG68)
  • Pressure Equipment - this summary of the IOR Guidance Note gives an overview of two key regulations The Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) and The Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations (2016) and outlines key obligations for designers and users. (GPG67)
  • As the availability of virgin R404A is reducing and the price is increasing rapidly, this guidance tries to address some of the key questions that need to be considered if customers wish to continue to operate systems using this refrigerant in the future. It includes some useful guidance on servicing, removal or replacement of refrigerant in R404A systems. (GPG66)

The bulletins are sent by post to members of the IOR SES section. Members of the IOR can download these bulletins free from the technical information area of this website.

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