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International Sustainability and the Cold Chain- Access to the recording of the presentation

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International Sustainability and the Cold Chain- Access to the recording of the presentation

Access to the recordings of the 50 technical paper presentations, the three keynote presentations and two workshops until the end of 2022. 

Included is 

Keynote presentations

  • Delivering a sustainable cold chain is a worldwide initiative, Jim Curlin, UNEP
  • Role of the UK in developing and delivering cold chains worldwide, Issy McFarlane, DERFA and  Elizabeth Warham, DTI
  • Energy Performance of Refrigeration Systems in Cold Storage and Distribution. Andy Pearson, Star Refrigeration 
  • Food for thought: How to make our food system more sustainable? Andrea Voigt, Danfoss

Two Workshops

  • Carbon reduction opportunities for the food chain
  • Clean and efficient refrigeration solutions for food and healthcare sectors in developing countries

Technical Paper presentations

paper ID title
1101 Temperature Uniformity And Air Flow Distribution In A 40ft Reefer Container
1102 Thermal Energy Storage for Cold Chain Applications
1103 Solar Refrigeration for Cold Chain
1104 Liquid and Vapor Injection Two-stage Cycles in Cascade Configurations for Ultra-low Temperature Refrigeration
1105 Scanning Ternary Mixtures for the Low Stage of Cascades in Ultra-low Temperature Refrigeration
1107 Innovative Hybrid Mechanical And Cryogenic System For Refrigerated Transport
1108 Passive System Based On PCM For Thermal Management Of Refrigerated Trucks
1109 Exploring New Materials For Better Insulated Reefers
1110 A2L Refrigerants For Refrigerated Transportation: Review Of Constraints and Opportunities
1111 Dimensioning Multi-compartment Equipment
1112 The Effect of Freeze-chilling on Quality Changes of Cod loins (Gadus morhua) during chilled storage
1113 Current Status and Future Outlook of Refrigeration Systems Employed in Norwegian Vegetable Storages
1114 Eulerian-Eulerian Multiphase Frost Model Based on Phase Change Driving Force
1115 Vaccine Cold-chain Challenges for Fast-track Mass COVID-19 Vaccination in Bangladesh
1116 Potentials of Wetted Fabric as a Cold Medium for Transport of Horticultural Products
1117 Optimization of Food Transportation and Storage in an Insulated Box: Effect of Phase Change Material Position and Spacing underneath the Load
1118 Testing the Validity of Scale Modelling Theory in order to Develop a Physical Scale Model of a Refrigerated Container
1120 Challenges and Opportunities in the Introduction of an Affordable Refrigerator for Africa
1121 Low GWP Drop-in Alternative Refrigerants for Low-temperature Transport Refrigerators with Eutectic Refrigerating Systems
1122 Industry Practices For Sharing Sustainability Information In The Norwegian Fisheries Supply Chains
1123 A Supermarket Experimental Environmental Analysis by Using ETEWI Methodology
1124 Comparison of Superchilling and Chilling Preservation Temperatures on the Quality Attributes of Raw Beef and Seabass
1126 Experimental Assessment Of The Difference In Insulation Efficiency Between New Internally Insulated Refrigerated Vans And Their Corresponding Prototypes
1127 Assessment Of The Energy Savings Generated By The Application Of Good Practices During Utilization of Refrigerated Transport Equipment Along its Conventional Lifetime
1128 Transient 3D CFD Modelling of the Thermal Performance of Fruit Packaging Boxes with PCM Alveoli
1129 Determination of the Initial Freezing Temperature of Foods.
1131 Modelling Of Crystallization During Freeze-Concentration Of Hydrolysates
1135 Improving the Thermal Performance of Fruit Packaging Boxes by using Alveolus with Phase Change Material
1138 New Refrigerant Developments For Very Low Temperature Refrigeration
1139 TinyML and IoT for Cold Chain Monitoring: Applications, Challenges and Opportunities
1144 Off Grid Long Term Pear Storage; Feasibility Study of Storage Solely Powered by Local Solar Energy
1145 Application Of Refrigeration Technologies For Energy Efficient Production Of Fish Protein Hydrolysates
1146 Demand Coverage And Energy Savings By Combined CO2 Refrigeration System and HVAC in Supermarkets
1148 Verification of Simulated Drying Weight of Packaged Frozen Food with Temperature Fluctuation during Storage
1149 Energy Efficiency Comparison Of Two Different North American Refrigerated Truck-Bodies Insulation Technologies By Experimental Assessment Of K-Value
1150 Study Of The Sublimation Temperature Of The Dry Ice In The Transport Of The Covid-19 Vaccines.
1152 Investigating The Microstructure Of Frozen Foods Using X-ray Microtomography: A Comparative Study
1153 Cascade Refrigeration System Modeling With Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerants For Vaccine Transportation
1154 Development Of A Predictive Controller For The Optimal Energy Management Of A Vapour-Compression Refrigeration System
1156 Field-Data Based Model for Integrated Supermarkets System Seasonal Performance Evaluation 
1157 Optimal Nozzle Exit Position for an Ejector Refrigeration System: A Numerical Study
1159 CO2 Technological Advances Expand Usage into All Segments of the Cold Chain, Removing Need for Fluorinated Refrigerants
1161 Study of the Cyclability of a Thermochemical Refrigeration System Using Ammonia as Refrigerant and Manganese Chloride as Sorbent
1162 Dry ice Standalone Solutions to Transport Covid-19 Vaccines
1163 LNG Cold In The Quest Of Reducing Post Harvest Losses Of Agricultural Produce In India
1167 Characterization of the Impact of Palletization and Air Velocity in Platform on Temperature in a Vented Pallet of Cheese
1168 Baseline Refrigeration Emissions In the UK.
1170 Artificial Neural Network Method to Predict the Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficient of Alternative Refrigerants of R22 inside the Multiport Mini-channel Tube
1172 Theoretical Impact of Phase Change Materials in Food Cold Storage and Delivery
1179 Doored Display Fridges: An Investigation Into The Disparity Between The Energy Performance Reported In ISO Testing And That Observed In Live Store Conditions