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The F Gas Regulations will be effective in reducing emissions - debate report


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The F Gas Regulations will be effective in reducing emissions - debate report

The European Regulation on Certain Fluorinated Gases (843/2000) is one of the most closely watched pieces of legislation affecting refrigeration and air conditioning industry since the phase out of CFCs. Its primary objective is to reduce the emissions of the fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol and thus to protect the environment.

The implementation of the Regulation and the detailed interpretation of the articles covering containment, recovery, reporting, training and certification, labeling and placing on the market bans has raised as many questions as answers as to how this will work in practice in the UK. Our evening meeting will allow us to debate some of these key questions for example:

  • Does regular leak checking really help containment?
  • Will the increased training and certification requirements lead to an improved ability to detect and fix leaks?
  • How will end users respond to their new responsibilities under the regulation?
  • And ultimately will the regulation be effective in reducing emissions?

The discussion was introduced by Robert Heap (for the motion) and Ray Gluckman (against). Robert is a past Chairman of the ACRIB Technical Committee and Honorary President of the Science and Technology Council of the International Institute of Refrigeration. Ray is a Director of Enviros Consulting, and has led various research and consultation projects on the use of refrigerants in the UK RAC sector.