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Air flow in cold stores, blast freezers and retail displays


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Air flow in cold stores, blast freezers and retail displays

In the UK, sales of chilled and frozen food in retail outlets were worth £83.7 billion in 2002 . Being able to maintain the temperature of this food is of vital importance to ensure optimal food quality, safety and shelf life.

Most unwrapped meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables and all types of wrapped foods are stored in large refrigerated rooms with forced air circulation. Once transferred to supermarkets the primary means of displaying chilled food is in open fronted multi-deck refrigerated display cabinets. Whereas, most frozen food is stored in well, full glass door or half glass door cabinets. A reduction of 1 or 2°C in the average storage temperature has little effect on frozen food but can significantly increase the storage life and quality of chilled foods.

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