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Heat transfer advances in small diameter tubes


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Heat transfer advances in small diameter tubes

Micro channels and internally finned tubes are increasingly being used in the evaporators and condensers of refrigeration systems. They provide a means of transferring the high heat fluxes encountered in many engineering applications including compact heat exchangers used in the refrigeration, power and process industries and, at an even smaller scale, in cooling systems for electronic devices.

Dr Tassos Karayiannis and his team are world experts in heat transfer. They have carried out extensive experiments with boiling heat transfer in small diameter tubes using R134a as the working fluid and two stainless stell tubes of internal diameter 4.26mm and 2.01mm. .

In this paper, they will discuss:

  • recent work on flow boiling heat transfer in small to micro passages as well as on microfinned surfaces.
  • the complex effect of diameter size on flow boiling patterns and heat transfer
  • condensation in microfinned tubes and microchannels.