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Ammonia systems self assessment checklist for DSEAR


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Ammonia systems self assessment checklist for DSEAR


Self-assessment checklist for ammonia systems - as amended February 2013

This self-assessment form has been prepared by the Technical and Safety Committee of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) with assistance from the Technical Committee of the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR). It is intended to give owners of ammonia charged refrigeration systems a quick indication of whether their system is likely to be technically compliant with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (2002).  It does not address issues related to or the hazards arising from the toxicity of ammonia.  These are not covered by DSEAR (2002), but they do need to be considered to ensure compliance with the regulations listed below.

This self-assessment is not a substitute for the formal risk assessment required by DSEAR (2002) nor is it a substitute for the annual inspection required under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000).

The contents of this document apply solely to refrigeration systems that are charged with ammonia.