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New Compressor Technology Trends for Heat Pumps


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New Compressor Technology Trends for Heat Pumps

This paper will provide an overview of recent compressor optimisation for heat pumps including:


Residential scroll heating compressors have been optimised for the pressure ratio requirements of heating applications.

The vapour injected heating scroll that incorporates additional inlet ports that enable the economiser cycle to be used.

Injection to produce a cooling effect for the discharge gas allowing operation in a wider range of conditions

R410A optimised compressors with isentropic efficiencies which exceed the seasonal COP of R407C.

Infinitely variable speed compressors enable precise load matching, eliminating the need for back up heaters and cycling.

Commercial heating employing vapour injection at both high and low pressure ratio applications for air source and ground source, delivering excellent SCOP /SEER performance.

High temperature industrial heating using of single screw compressors with ammonia.

The author is Eric Winandy Director Application Engineering at Emerson Climate Technologies.