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Cold Store Code of Practice (revised 2020)


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Cold Store Code of Practice (revised 2020)

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The IOR Cold Store Code of Practice is a key reference document for cold store designers. It provides an independent and authoritative overview of the process involved in the construction of cold store projects, buildings & insulation and refrigeration design. The Code is intended to assist those responsible for specifying the requirements for a refrigerated store, within the UK, by outlining all of the design elements of a modern cold store.

Part 1 “Scope and Specification” is primarily aimed at the non-specialist end user, and provides an overview together with key elements relating to the design and specification process. Templates to assist these processes are given in the appendices. (2016)

Part 2 “Design & Construction” provides In-depth information regarding cold store construction, detailed descriptions of specific cold store features (e.g. structural design, insulated panel selection and installation, vapour sealing, fire protection, racking etc.) (2015)

Part 3 “Refrigeration Systems” provides in-depth information regarding refrigeration plant considerations and design. (revised 2020)

Note: A cold store may be defined as a sealed structure, the internal volume of which is maintained at a temperature generally below ambient and used for the storage of goods. The Code is not intended for cold stores smaller than 30 m3 nor for controlled atmosphere stores such as fruit stores though many of the provisions are applicable to such stores.

Note: Originally written in 2015, with 2016 revision to Pt1 to clarify that the code is not intended for cold store smaller than 30m3 (changed from 20m3) and 2020 revision to Pt3 to update refrigerants information.


Supporting Information for Users

The following Appendices are provided as free download templates related to the Code contents. Please refer to the Code prior to adapting the templates:

Appendix A - Key Design Template

Appendix B - General Information Records

Appendix C - Supply Storage and Accommodations 

Appendix D - References