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Five Good Reasons to Reclaim Refrigerant (GPG76)


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Five Good Reasons to Reclaim Refrigerant (GPG76)

The process of refrigerant recovery has existed, for a long time, in many countries as a means of recovering and reclaiming used or unwanted refrigerants (as used refrigerant is classified as a hazardous waste and cannot be vented to atmosphere for environmental reasons).

The recycling of used materials is now standard place in modern society. The recycling of plastics, metals and paper is now commonplace and for very good reasons. Recycling helps to:

  1. Reduce the accumulation of waste to landfill or incineration thus minimising the devastating effect upon the environment
  2. Re-use conserves limited natural resources
  3. Reduces carbon emissions and conserves energy

As we move forward into the 21st century the necessity to recycle and reclaim refrigerants will become more pressing, particularly the current range of fluorinated HFC based refrigerants. This guide provides five reasons why we should all be diligent in recovering and reclaiming used or unwanted refrigerants.


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