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Low GWP Alternative Refrigerants Training Booklets


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Low GWP Alternative Refrigerants Training Booklets

REAL Alternatives Training Booklets on low GWP alternative refrigerants.  

The IOR is part of a European project to promote training in low GWP alternative refrigerants - Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Hydrocarbon and low flammables (HFOs and R32). The programme covers the safety, efficiency, reliability and containment of these refrigerants and offers nine free training booklets to accompany a free online training course. 

Members can download the Introductory Module for free from this website (when signed in)

To access the elearning and to download the rest of the training materials see

The full programme covers:

  1. Introduction to Alternative Refrigerants - safety, efficiency, reliability and good practice  
  2. Safety and risk assessment  
  3. System design using alternative refrigerants 
  4. Containment and leak detection of alternative refrigerants
  5. Maintenance and repair of alternative refrigerant systems
  6. Retrofitting existing systems
  7. Checklist of legal obligations when working with alternative refrigerants
  8. Measuring the financial and environmental impact of leakage
  9. Tools and guidance for conducting site surveys