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AC Motors (TB 25)


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AC Motors (TB 25)

An AC motor converts AC electrical power (V & I) to Rotary or Linear motion. Industrial AC motors usually operate from a 3ph electrical supply of 415v (European) or 220 (USA). AC motors are generally rated in kW (Europe) or Hp (USA), these ratings are based on the voltage supply to the motor and the amount of current the motor requires to Rotate the load.

This illustrated bulletin covers Rotor Construction, Stator Wiring, Rotating Fields, AC Motor Torque/Speed curve - DOL Starter, Types of Load, increasing load, Loads & Torque, Types of Starter (Direct On Line, star delta, Part Winding / Dahlander / Multi speed, Primary Resistance, Rotor Resistance, Auto Transformer and Soft Starts).

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