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Refrigerant Pumps Installation and Use instructions


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Refrigerant Pumps Installation and Use instructions

Guidance Notes for Installation and Use of Hermetically Sealed Refrigeration Pumps. Covers: Background Information; Sensitivity to Cavitation; Design Consideration for Refrigerant Pump installation; Pump Head; Refrigerants; Pump Internal Design; Poor Pump Performance; Operation; Maintenance; Surge Drum Design, Low Pressure Systems; Pull Down Conditions inside Drum ; Oil Draining; Oil Purging and Oil Return; Down Leg Liquid Velocity; Guide Sizes for Down Leg to Pump; The Pump Suction Connection; Self Venting of Hermetic Pumps; Discharge Pipe work; Hydraulic Lock; Pump Suction Filter; Trapped Liquid; Guide to Flow Rates; Pump Arrangement; Safety and Electrical Information; Pump Rotation; Electric Cable; Oil compatibility with system; Recommendations Prior to Commissioning; Commissioning Procedure; Preventative Maintenance; Stand-by Pump; Lead/Lag pump cange over procedure; Service and Maintenance; Removing a pump; Damaged rotor can; and TROUBLE SHOOTING guide

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