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Employers Guide to the new Apprenticeship (GNET6)


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Employers Guide to the new Apprenticeship (GNET6)

The purpose of this note is to provide help for employers in the sector, to understand the key factors when considering a candidate to undertake the new apprenticeship, and the role that the employer should take to give a positive experience for the apprentice, and a successful outcome.

It covers new roles for employers in supporting the apprenticeship such as selecting appropriate qualifications, gaining evidence for the Apprentice Development Journal, The Gateway sign-off and explains how the End Point Assessments work.

The Apprenticeship has been revised under what has been known as the “Trailblazer Apprenticeship” scheme.  The structure meets the UK Government Apprenticeship Standard for RACHP Engineering Technicians at Level 3. It is designed to be generic in nature so that it can be adapted for the needs of different businesses and employers, with a primary emphasis on the fundamentals of understanding of the vapour compression system as used in any application and using any type of refrigerant.

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