The REAL Zero campaign was led by the Institute of Refrigeration and developed by a team of international experts to provide industry guidance on how to reduce leakage of HFC refrigerants.  It compliments the requirements of the F Gas Regulation for leak checking, recording of service activity and training, with supporting technical information on good practice and simplified guides to legal requirements for services engineers, contractors and end users.


REAL Zero tools 

The following resources are now available to download:


REAL Skills e-learning

This material has been adapted as an interactive e-learning programme available in European languages covering:

  • Module 1: Environmental, Cost and Legal Aspects of Refrigerant Leakage - learn the principles of effective refrigerant containment and management.
  • Module 2: Reducing Leakage Through Appropriate Maintenance and Service – industry best practice including leak test methods and interpreting existing data to make improvements.
  • Module 3: Minimising Leakage – Good Practices for Design, Installation and Commissioning- find out about how to design, install and commission RAC systems to minimize the potential for refrigerant leakage.
  • Module 4: Reducing Refrigerant Leakage through Site Specific Surveys and Advice – bring together knowledge from in the first three modules to undertake site surveys and recommend client strategies to reduce refrigeration leakage.

Register for the free e-learning programme here 


REAL Alternatives

These principles have been extended to raise awareness of the safe, reliable and efficient use of low GWP alternative refrigerants (carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbon and new low flammables HFOs and R32).  A free e-learning programme is also open and is currently being redeveloped as an European-wide practical training programme called REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE, co-funded by the EU.

See the dedicated website at for more information about this exciting new development. 



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