What we learned from the development and implementation of CryoHub technology 




CryoHub the EU funded project to demonstrate the potential for cryogenic energy storage at refrigerated warehouses held a webinar to share findings and results of this work.

It featured talks from the team of Universities, companies and associations involved and explored the potential for use of renewable energies, how supply can be matched to demand for refrigerated warehousing in the EU, the development of control strategies and components such as heat exchanger, as well as advanced modelling of the design and operational results. 

The project also investigated policy and behavioural matters around attitudes to adopting new environmental technologies and techniques and we discussed how this “bigger picture” could be used to feed into EU environmental and energy policy in the future.  The webinar included a presentation of how the demonstration unit was produced and a suitable host warehouse found.  The host site, Frigologix in Belgium shared how support for innovative technologies fits into their business strategy.  A video of the demonstrator unit construction by our partners Dohmeyer was featured. 

Finally the technical team presented initial running data and discussed the future application of this groundbreaking technology based on the team’s combined experience of planning, design and build. We discussed some of the main obstacles, how were they overcome and what lessons for the future potential for innovation in energy storage this project points towards.  



Introduction to CryoHub project 

Judith Evans, CryoHub Project Coordinator, London South Bank University, UK 


Refrigeration and environmental impact in global context Didier Coulomb, Institute International du Froid/International Institute of Refrigeration


Potential for adoption of CryoHub technology - Energy mapping and co-locating of large refrigerated food warehouses with renewable energy resources throughout Europe. Kostadin Fikiin, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria


Drivers and barriers for next-generation sustainability for cold stores Carole Bond, Carbon Data Research

The role of policy and business environmental decision making Jonathan Radcliff University of Birmingham 



How CryoHub technology was developed


Results of Modelling of liquid air energy storage in refrigerated cold storage warehouses   Daniele Negro, London South Bank University, UK


Overview of CryoHub thermal storage technologies Denis Leducq, INRAE, France


Successful energy management strategies to make CryoHub concept profitable  Gabriel García Naved Cener, Spain


The findings from the design, installation and operation of CryoHub demonstrator


Feedback from Frigologix on how this fits with their overall environmental and sustainability business strategies – Henke Foole, Frigolgix


Construction and installation – Fabian Van Damme Dohmeyer talks us through a slideshow animation of the build and install 


Operational data – Alan Foster, LSBU


A discussion was held with independent experts exloring “what have we learned from the project and the future potential of this work”    

Expert Panel members discussion:

Dr Alexander Alekseev, Linde Fellow, Transformational R&D, Linde Technology

Dr Philippe Lebrun, Honorary President of the International Institute of Refrigeration

Mohammed Youbi Idrissi, Directeur Expertise, Recherche & Innovation, Cemafroid

Prof Dr Tetyana Morozyuk, Technical University Berlin