26th International Congress of Refrigeration

21 Aug 2023 to 25 Aug 2023

The International Congress of Refrigeration 2023 is the world's largest gathering of scientists, experts, technicians and professionals in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. It provides a unique forum to present and disseminate the results of research, development and innovation.

ICR is known as a platform for in-depth exchange and analysis that covers all refrigeration applications and technologies.

This year's theme is "Towards efficient, controlled and smart Refrigeration".  The International Congress of Refrigeration is set to be a meeting ground for policymakers, engineers, and researchers active in the field.


  • Cryogenics and liquefied gases
  • Thermodynamics, equipment and systems
  • Biology and food technology
  • Storage and transport
  • Air conditioning, heat pumps and energy recovery.

Find out more about this global gathering at www.icr2023.org