Beyond Refrigeration - the challenge of net zero

9 Sep 2020 12:00 to 15:00

Listen to the recordings of these live discussions about the future role of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heat pumps as part of the Institute of Refrigeration's Beyond Refrigeration initiative.

Each of the themed discussions starts with a short scene-setting talk. Each topic is then discussed more widely with input from both the panel and the audience. 

Read our discussion paper at for background on this initiative

View the session recordings here


  • Session 1  "Beyond Refrigeration" Why we want to address the challenge of achieving net-zero heating and cooling in the UK
  • Session 2  "Using Energy Intelligently" We need reliable, renewable and cheap energy when we need it. How can the refrigeration sector engage with energy providers and storage technologies?
  • Session 3 - "Reducing the need for Mechanical Cooling" Passive cooling, natural ventilation – alternative technologies will have a critical part to play in reducing carbon emissions from cooling

Members share their views through questions, comments, polls and debate.