Development of an Integrated Chiller System with an Oil-Free Compressor

2 Nov 2017 15:30 to 17:00

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The IOR and the ASHRAE CIBSE Group met on the 2nd November to hear from Tom Watson, J&E Hall Gold Medal Winner and ASHRAE Past President. The presentation described the process, benefits and challenges experienced during the development of an integrated chiller system with an oil-free compressor. 

Magnetic bearing technology offers many benefits to the chiller system; higher efficiency, better heat transfer, and wider operating range, without the restrictions of oil management.  To fully realize these benefits, the Daikin project team designed a fully integrated compressor system that utilizes speed control, magnetic bearings, capacity control, and networked controllers.  This control system evaluates the needs of the overall chiller system and optimizes it for peak system efficiency.

  • gain a better understanding of the benefits of oil free compressors
  • receive an insight into the trends for compressor technology in chillers
  • discover the challenges of controlling magnetic bearings
  • hear the benefit of PM motors over induction motor
  • learn about the design of piping to compressors and resulting pressure losses