Dyslexia in Engineering Day Webinar - The elephant in the room

7 Oct 2021 12:30 to 13:30

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In 2021 dyslexia week will focus on Invisible Dyslexia and explore the entire theme of visibility within our community. The week will highlight the importance of mental health, increase the visibility of underrepresented groups, and raise serious issues of dyslexia being overlooked within education and the workplace.



Main speaker: Janette Beetham - Director - Right Resources Limited UK 

Dyslexia - The elephant in the room

Dyslexia is ‘here, there and everywhere – including the workplace and those with dyslexia traits are often afraid or reluctant to talk about it. This short presentation helps to understand dyslexia, appreciate the importance of providing person-centred support if needed and why a neuro-inclusive workplace is good for everyone.

Panel discussion:  What can the engineering associations/bodies do to encourage/support engineers with Dyslexia.

  • Andy Ford, Past President of CIBSE, Professor at London South Bank University
  • Tracey Richardson -  Past President of CIPHE, and trainer
  • Arti Dillon  - Programme Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, at the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Helen Cumming  -  Mechanical engineer, BAE Systems Naval Ships. Helen is Dyslexic and is being supported through the professional Engineering registration application by the IET
  • Jerry Whiteley – Technical Manager at the CIPHE 
  • Miriam Rodway - CEO at the Institute of Refrigeration