EcoPump - A Novel Thermoelectric Heat Pump/Heat Recovery System for Building Applications

14 Jan 2021 16:00 to 17:15

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This paper presentation will explore an innovative window thermoelectric heat pump/heat recovery (EcoPump) unit for building applications has been designed and developed based on an Innovate UK funded project. This project will address a significant gap in the energy saving technology market.

The EcoPump is a unique product integrating a novel compact window heat recovery unit (WHR) with thermoelectric module (TEC) heat pump. It can be used for heating, cooling and energy recovery whilst satisfying ventilation requirement. A mathematical model will be introduced to evaluate its heating/cooling capacity and the coefficient of performance (COP). Experimental investigations under lab condition and a comparison between the prototype and conventional compression heat pump would also be covered. Hopefully, the EcoPump will be commercialized to be inexpensive, compact and easy to install by co-operated industrial partners.



Qi Xu joined the Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group of the University of Nottingham as a PhD Student in 2017. Her supervisors are Prof. Saffa Riffat, Dr. Robin Wilson and Dr. Yuehong Su. She obtained her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Hunan University, China in 2016. Her PhD research focuses on thermoelectric module based heat pump/ heat recovery systems.