Energy Systems - Looking forward to 2050

17 Feb 2021 10:00 to 12:10

SIRACH Network EventEnergy Centre

This online meeting will explore the future of energy systems and look at the challenges and opportunities to be faced by 2050.  It will also explore the arguments for centralised versus localised systems for energy and heat production. 


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Programme including recording timings 

  • Introduction and overview Graeme Maidment Chair of the SIRACH Network (0:00-7:10)
  • Where will we be by 2050? An overview exploring the opportunities and challenges to be faced in order to move to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future -  David Elmes of the Warwick Business School  (07:10-17:10)
  • How will building become more energy-efficient, Hywel Davies Technical Director of CIBSE (17:10-36:55) 
  • Role of E-Mobility in Future Energy System, Sagar Mody, Cenex  (36:55-53:50)
  • The future of Hydrogen, Charlotte Farmer, Hydrogen East (53:50-1:09)
  • Heat Pumps, Chris Jessop, Independent Energy Consultant (1:09-1:23)
  • Future Generation Urban Energy Networks, Anthony Riddle, Silver EMS (1:23-1:36)
  • An interactive session focusing on pros and cons of centralised versus localised energy production (1:36-1:43)