IOR Debate - Is money best spent on energy efficient design or maintenance?

13 Apr 2023 16:00 to 17:15

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Both energy-efficient design and maintenance are important for achieving and running the most efficient RACHP systems and in an ideal world, money will be spent on both. However, sometimes this is not possible and if a choice has to be made which will bring the best returns both financially and environmentally?

Join us for this online debate on the 13th of April to hear from two industry experts as they present their case as to where you should spend your money. 

Download the papers here:

  • Why companies should spend their budget on maintenance.  Lisa Pogson - Airmaster Air Conditioning (Coming soon)
  • Why companies should spend their budget on energy efficient design- Rob Unsworth FInstR - GEA


The presenters

Lisa Pogson is the Managing Director of  Airmaster Air Conditioning, a mechanical services company, with particular expertise in heating and cooling air and water and a focus on refrigeration, heat pumps and emerging technologies. She has been involved in the RACHP sector for over 25 years and is an active member of the Women In RACHP Committee of the IOR. 

Robert Unsworth FInstR is the Technical Sales Director with GEA Refrigeration UK with over 28 years of experience designing, installing, commissioning and troubleshooting industrial refrigeration and heat pump systems.  Robert has worked on projects including breweries in Thailand, freezer stores in the UK to juice factories in the Netherlands. He is also part of the new GEA SEnS Team which is an international team driving Sustainable Engineering Solutions for client base across all areas of the GEA Business.