SIRACH Meeting - Innovation to deliver a low carbon future

27 Oct 2020 10:00 to 11:30

Join this SIRACH Webinar to hear from three presenters who will report on innovation and initiatives that will move cities towards a low carbon future.

The presentations exploring how the use of smart systems, energy storage and integration can be used to move towards a future that will deliver net zero carbo


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Date: 27th October 2020

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am



  • Case Study - Real-time demand-side management of a retrofitted air source heat pump with energy storage in a three-bedroom terrace home. Chris Wilson, Ulster University 
  • City Energy Transformation. Working in communities to make net-zero happen. Adam Parsons, EoN
  • GreenSCIES: Co-design and engineering value in a Smart Local Energy System. Sahiba Chadha from Cullinan Studio


Talk details

Real-time demand-side management of a retrofitted air source heat pump with energy storage in a three-bedroom terrace home:

This talk will report on a field trial of a retrofitted Diakin Altherma 11kW cascade air source heat pump coupled with a 600 litre water energy store installed in an occupied terraced home built on the Ulster University campus. The home represents typical retrofitted houses with single skin wall. The system was run with an autonomous custom-built controller to provide demand-side management of the heat pump and energy storage dependent on the state of the grid in real-time. It also included initial testing of a commercially available compact PCM heat storage battery as an alternative to bulky water storage tanks. lastly, it included variable speed heat pumps as a source for low-temperature heat networks.


City Energy Transformation: Working in communities to make net-zero happen.

E.ON City Energy Transformation develops pioneering public-private partnerships with cities to enable a step-change in low carbon energy infrastructure delivery at pace and scale.  This talk will focus on the ways in which E.ON is working in partnership with major cities in the UK and Europe to deliver ambitious carbon targets, tackle fuel poverty and improve air quality. E.ON has a longstanding partnership with the City of Malmö, a flagship model for the future development of net-zero carbon cities.  


GreenSCIES: Co-design and engineering value in a Smart Local Energy System. 

Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems (GreenSCIES) is an entirely innovative ground-breaking project that will provide an investable low carbon scheme unique in the UK. 

This talks will focus on the technical design and stakeholder consultation for the project which is being developed for the provision of smart energy systems that significantly reduce carbon emissions and result in significantly smaller bills for the consumer. The smart energy grid will also help provide affordable warmth and lower local pollution, with a clear path for replication elsewhere in the UK.


PresentersChris Wilson SIRACH

Chris Wilson is a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre for Sustainable Technologies at Ulster University. His current research includes the testing of variable speed heat pumps and alternative thermal energy storage systems in laboratory conditions. He has a strong interest in renewable energy integration, smart grids, and decarbonisation of energy systems.


Adam ParsonsAdam Parsons is a programme manager at E.ON in the City Energy Transformation team. Adam’s role is to build innovative partnerships with local authorities, universities and community organisations for delivery of low carbon energy infrastructure and solutions on a city scale. His wider experience includes energy policy, strategy and renewable energy project development in the UK and Germany.


SahibaChadha 2Sahiba Chadha is an architect and partner at Cullinan Studio, an award-winning co-operative practice who are part of the GreenSCIES consortium. Sahiba’s role in GreenSCIES focuses on technical design and stakeholder consultation. Her wider work in the built environment includes delivering Accelerate, the widening participation programme for charity Open City.



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