Member Webchat on strategic priorities for the IOR

21 Oct 2020 12:15 to 13:15

Let's talk about the direction the IOR is going in, challenges, successes and what our priorities for the next 12 months should be.

In November 2019 the IOR priorities were:

  • Membership growth - To continue to grow membership towards 5000 target, targeted marketing at technicians, students and continuing to build co-operative relationships with other Institutes UK and abroad. Encourage members to recruit.
  • Improving member participation - To increase involvement levels of members, ensuring IOR is recognised as an organisation working for and with its members.
    Widen participation in events, committees, use of publications, responsive to member views. Activities to include continued new members induction webinars, support for Pre-Associates, open invitations to join committees, webinars, participation in publication development.
  • Recognition in the AC&HP sector - To reposition IOR content as relevant to AC and HP sector and generate membership. Target to recruit AC/HP specialists on each committee, speakers at each event, focused technical publications, news, articles and social media. Expand ACHP special interest group. Develop expert panel to comment on technical matters, consultations.
  • Leadership in education - Provide support to trainers, employers and students for the EngTech Apprenticeship, college visits, webinars, meetings with authorities, guidance. Work with industry to find a way of providing Design Engineering training standard either as an Apprentice or industry course.  Promote industry to schools and young people through Fantastic Fridges marketing, encouragement of members to become STEM ambassadors, attendance at school or national science or careers fairs


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