Short Courses and Workshops

 Programme of Workshops and Short Course


Short course: Improving Skills in handling flammable refrigerants.

Course leaders: Marco Buoni, and Marino Bassi of REAL Alternatives

Real Alternative is a course designed to provide training and certification on the safe use of alternative refrigerants such as Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Hydrocarbons and low GWP HFCs/HFOs.

Conference delegates will have the unique opportunity to study some of the Real Alternatives modules in a virtual classroom with lead experts from the field of alternative refrigerants focusing on flammable refrigerants and covering the safety, efficiency, reliability and containment aspects.

Course content

  • Flammable refrigerants – an introduction
  • Flammability and other safety hazards
  • Working safely, Service procedures
  • Reducing leak potential
  • Application of flammable refrigerants
  • System design differences

Those taking part will be able to undertake the course assessment and will be issued with certification. This will sent after the training. Please be aware that to take part in the assessment participants will be required to turn on their webcams


Workshop: Learning how to measure impact with environmental, legislative and regulative auditing.

Workshop leader: David Blackhurst, Star Technical Services

Almost all of the drivers for the changes seen in the refrigeration industry over the past 30 years have been associated with the growing awareness of its environmental impact. This has included the contribution of refrigerant releases to global ozone depletion and direct global warming, along with the indirect global warming contribution of the energy required to run these systems.

This workshop will review the key legislation and regulations affecting the refrigeration industry and describe the measures that designers, installers and owner / operators must have in place to meet their obligations under these. It will cover matters such as:

  • Energy standards & labelling
  • TM44 inspections under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  • The Climate Change Levy
  • The F-Gas Regulations and the requirements to ensure the safe use of refrigerants

Those attending will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned through the use of case study assessments. All those completing the session will receive a CPD certificate. 


Workshop: Developing the best people and skills – Where are the training gaps, how do we fill them?

Workshop leaders: John Skelton, IOR Education Committee, Graeme Fox, BESA Training, and Graham Wright, Heat Pump Association, 

With a skill shortage looming in many engineering sectors, this workshop will explore how the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector can ensure that the RACHP industry attracts the best engineers and has an exceptionally well trained and innovate workforce ready to deal with the changes and challenges facing the industry.