Pathways to Net-Zero Cold-Chains

Friday 14th May 2021 14:00 to 16:00

Meeting the World's Shared Climate and Social Goals



A collaboration of UK Universities with world-class expertise in clean cooling and cold-chain [University of Birmingham, London South Bank University (LSBU), Cranfield University (CU) and Heriot-Watt University (Centre for Sustainable Road-freight)] are leading a new set of £multi-million research programmes to create the fit-for-market step-change pathways to net zero cold-chain and cooling for all.

The webinar will explore:

  • The new first of a kind Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-Chain (ACES), established in collaboration with the Governments of Rwanda and the UK and the United Nations Environment Programme’s United for Efficiency initiative. Headquartered in Rwanda with Living Labs to be rolled out into other countries across Africa, it will provide a pan-continent hub to showcase fit-for-market technology solutions and business models as well as build local capacity and a trained workforce.
  • A whole systems “farm to customer fridge” approach to redefine the UK’s cold-chain architecture and map the opportunities available to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 as well as identify the roles for cooling and its technologies in providing flexibility and resilience in the UK’s energy systems. 

Given the cold-chain is intrinsically about global interconnectivity - the UK is reliant on imports; 84% of fruits and 47% of vegetables were imported in 2019 (DEFRA), the projects will present significant opportunities for synergy and shared thinking, approaches, learning and knowledge as well as in-market demonstration.

We are very keen to engage stakeholders and industry partners in the cold-chains to help develop the comprehensive evidence driven set of roadmaps to present to policy-makers as well as demonstrate the technologies that will helps steer the future of cold-chains.

We would like to invite you to this industry webinar to learn about these major new programmes and start the discussions.


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Start: 14:00

Duration: 45 Minutes

Welcome and overview

Dr Tim Fox

Introduction and thinking

Professor Toby Peters

Cooling and the pathway to zero

Dan Hamza-Goodacre

The trade opportunity and the global bigger picture

Elizabeth Warham – Head Of Agritech, DIT

Objectives, overview and role of collaboration

Professor Judith Evans,

Natalia Falagan

Panel discussion

Introduced And Chaired By Tim Fox



Start: 14:45

Duration: 40 Minutes

Overview of ACES and programme. Objectives and what success looks like?

Dr Natalia Falagan,

Brian Holuj

How this responds to Rome Declaration, Paris and the

Steve Cowperthwaite

Message from  a Minister Or Senior Figure From Rwanda

How can industry engage? What are the opportunities and next steps to participation?

Professor Toby Peters

Audience questions

Introduced And Chaired By Tim Fox




Start: 15:25

Duration: 35 Minutes

Introduction and transition to UK

Dr Tim Fox

Vision 2050 – net-zero UK cold chains and energy systems

Shane Brennan

Overview of work programme, objectives and what success looks like

Judith Evans and Phil Greening (Or Colleague) Supported by Professor Toby Peters

How can industry engage, what are the opportunities and next steps to participation? 


Shane Brennan

Audience questions

Introduced and Chaired by Dr Tim Fox

Next steps (Contact info for engagement) and close

Dr Tim Fox


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