Promoting RACHP careers in schools

27 Apr 2022 15:00 to 15:45

In this IOR STEM Network webinar members can share their experiences of working with schools on STEM projects to promote awareness of our industry and engage with young people. We will look at the role of STEM learning and the STEM ambassadors programme (Science Technology Engineering and Maths). This includes how members are getting ideas and training to do practical experiments with the held of the STEM Ambassador scheme and STEMAzingLtd.

We will also talk about the resources available from the IOR to support your STEM activity such as

The webchat will be for everyone to share ideas and experience to inspire each other to make contacts with schools, STEM and support careers initiatives.

This IOR STEM network is a group of professionals who want to inspire more members to get involved in promoting careers and share successes.

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