REAL Alternatives LIVE!

28 May 2020 10:20 to 17:15

1 European countries2Three years ago partners came together to plan an e-learning and train the trainer programme to change attitudes towards the use of low GWP alternative refrigerants in Europe including Flammables (HC and HFO), Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia.  The programme “ REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE “ was co-funded by  8 organisations representing 6  countries and the EU LIFE environment programme, to support EU climate objectives.  Join us on 28th May for a series of short presentations from those who have been involved in developing the e-learning, information booklets, study days, technician training and policymaker meetings that make up REAL Alternatives. Find out about the challenges that have been addressed, the successful outcomes and how the programme has grown to a network of 19 national leads, extending beyond Europe and delivering so far over 500 Certifications.  Hear how inconsistencies in training between countries are being addressed, how you can access free training and what the plans are for the future of the programme.


REAL Alternatives LIVE begins at 10.20 BST and will include four interactive sessions running throughout the day, each chaired by an international expert. There will be a live question and answer session with our speakers – trainers who are delivering and those who have developed the learning programme.  We will also demonstrate a series of practical training videos covering carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon handling. Register once and you will gain access to all of the live sessions as well as recordings of the talks that will be available for two weeks after the event:


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Session 1 – 10.30-11.50 


10.30 Welcome and introduction from Session 1: Chair Marco Buoni, ATF, REAL Alternatives Partner

10.40 The RACHP Sector and European environmental policy background: Luca Conti AREA

10.45 Project Partners - Giving presentations explaining Why they got involved, what they did and why this has been important for their country

10.50 Institute of Refrigeration – Miriam Rodway

11.00 UC Limburg – Walter Reulens

11.10 IKKE – Karsten Beermann

11.20 Prozon – Krzysztof Grzegorczyk

11.30 AREA - Olivier Janin

11.40 Questions and Discussion

11.50 Close of Session 1


Session 2 – 12.30 -13.30 


12.30 Welcome and introduction from Session 2 How attitudes and experience of low GWP refrigerants are changing - Alex Paurine and Graeme Maidment, LSBU, REAL Alternatives Partner.

12.40 REAL Alternatives training impact across Europe 

12.40 SOSIAD - Turkish Association of Refrigeration Industry and Businessmen - Kadir Isa

12.50 SCHKT – Czech RAC Technical Group – Stephan Stojanov

13.00 Estonian Environmental Research Centre - Stanislav Štõkov

13.10 Questions and Discussion

13.20 Close of Session 2


Session 3 - 14.30 - 15.50


14.30 Welcome and introduction to Session 3:, IIR, REAL Alternatives Partner, the Global Perspective on growth in interest in Alternative Refrigerants and Refrigeration Contribution to Global Economy/Environment

             Didier Coulomb

14.40 National Commitment to improving training 

14.50 REAL Alternatives training impact across Europe 

14.50 CNI – National Confederation of RAC Installers, Spain - Blanca Gómez García-Verdugo

15.00 SZCHKT – Slovakian RAC Technical Group– Peter Tomlein

15.10 HUKT – Croatian Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Association - Tonko Curko

15.20 Educational Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum, Armenia - Liana Ghahramanyan

15.30 Questions and Discussion

15.40 Close of Session 3


Session 4 – 16.10-17.15

16.10 Training Centre Tours and/or Training Videos Session 4: Introduction by Miriam Rodway, Institute of Refrigeration, Partner

16.10 UCL training tour  (or a selection of real alternative training videos)

16.20 Prozon training tour  (or a selection of real alternative training videos)

16.30 ATF training tour   (or a selection of real alternative training videos)

16.40 IKKE training tour   (or a selection of real alternative training videos)


16.50 Final Questions Panel with all Partners

17.15 Close