Techtalk- Eco Design and Energy Labelling Regulations' Impact on Commercial, Professional and Domestic Refrigeration

5 Mar 2020

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This IOR paper presentation will explore the Eco Design and Energy Labelling Regulations and their impact on commercial, professional and domestic refrigeration. 

The Eco-design regulations apply some quite stringent minimum performance requirements on manufacturers.  Separate energy label regulations ensure that buyers have a measure of the energy used by the product as well as sometimes a measure of other environmental impacts.

Eco-design and energy labelling are considered effective tools to improving the energy efficiency of products in the EU.  To date over 40 product groups are included within the eco-design and labelling regulations and are responsible for around 40% of all EU greenhouse gas emissions.  The regulations are considered an effective means to eliminate the poorest performing products from the market and are integral to achieving climate change targets in the EU.  As well as providing energy reductions, the regulations claim to support industrial competitiveness and innovation within the EU.

This presentation will provide details of the Eco-design directive and Energy Labelling directive and their applicability to refrigerated products.  A number of refrigeration products are already subject to, or will soon be subject to, the regulations under these directives. Throughout the paper, examples are drawn from the energy labelling of domestic, professional and commercial refrigerated products.



Judith Evans FInstR