Webinar - Ted Perry Award Research winner on adsorption heat pumps

6 Feb 2020

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Adsorption is considered to be a sustainable alternative to conventional technologies used in cooling as it can be operated using renewable energy resources or waste heat having zero CO2 emissions. Conventional adsorption systems mainly use silica gel and zeolite as the adsorbent materials. Both materials suffer from problems such as the lower hydrophilicity of the former and the high regeneration temperature required for the latter lowering the efficiency of the system. To overcome these drawbacks, metal-organic framework materials were suggested as a substitute for these conventional adsorbents. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of materials with high porosity and tunable properties. In this study, we will show the potential of a number of metal-organic framework materials namely; MIL-101(Cr), MIL-100(Fe), CPO-27(Ni) and aluminium fumarate in adsorption heat pump application. Also, we will represent what are the means to further improve the properties of such materials and hence the performance of the adsorption system.


What you will learn

  • What are adsorption heat pumps and conventional adsorbents used?
  • Metal-organic frameworks and their potential in adsorption technologies.
  • Improving the properties of MOFs and how it can improve the system.
  • Future of adsorption technology.



Eman Hussein, University of Birmingham, UK.

Eman Hussein is the winner of 2018/2019 Ted Perry award for her PhD thesis titled ‘Numerical And Experimental Evaluation of Advanced Metal-Organic Framework Materials for Adsorption Heat Pumps’.

Eman obtained her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, the UK in 2018.



This is a webinar only presentation



4.00pm - 5.00pm:  Presentation followed by Q&A