Webinar on Industries Adapting to Rising Temperatures

18 May 2023 12:00 to 13:00

Published on April 26th, the IMechE’s report on ‘Adapting industry to withstand rising temperatures and future heatwaves’ looks at the complex and broad impacts of an increasingly warmer world on industry, with wide ranging implications across the globe. 

Ensuring that industrial personnel, assets and buildings are well adapted to cope with future climate change induced heat extremes, as well as higher seasonal ambient temperatures, is essential for the future health, economic well-being, and successful functioning of societies of all nations. 

In this webinar, Dr Tim Fox shares the key findings of the report, including heat impacts on human health, physical equipment, plants and spaces, as well as industrial output and economic productivity. He will highlight the challenges engineers face in responding to these impacts and explore potential solutions, from sustainable net zero cooling, improved standards and design codes, and changes to the education of future engineers. 

This event is free for all to attend and is recommended to all those involved with or have an interest in environmental and energy engineering.