The refrigerant charge limit under IEC electrotechnical standard 60335-2-89 in self-contained commercial refrigeration appliances will be changing. For A3 (Higher Flammability) refrigerants the charge limit will be approximately 500 g (increased from 150 g) and for A2 (Flammable) and A2L (Lower  Flammability) refrigerants the charge limit will be a maximum of 1.2 kg (increased from 150 g).

The change in the IEC standard is likely to be positive news for many manufacturers of small commercial cabinets who previously found it challenging to keep the flammable refrigerant charge below 150 g. The decision has the potential to open up the market for hydrocarbons in small to medium sized cabinets where previously the options to use hydrocarbons were limited.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) voted this month to approve by a narrow margin the standard that has been revised with input from international technical experts preparing drafts and considering safety research for some time.  

The new Standard is now approved for publication/translation and is expected to be available soon.